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  • A majority of our fresh product is coming out of Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest where we have nurtured strong relationships with fisher-people, brokers, and distributers over the years.

  • Origin Catch receives ultra-fresh fish and seafood, locally from the Pacific Northwest, and globally from all 4 corners, into its Seattle, WA production facility daily.

  • The top quality fish is graded-out, custom filleted and portioned, and then packed and shipped out to you for next day delivery.

  • Freshness depends on temperature control, time-to-market, catch origin, seasonality, handling methods, and quality grading.

  • Our fishmongers and QC team have more than enough experience and plenty of passion for perfection when it comes to fresh fish and seafood.

  • The seafood cold-chain is incredibly efficient at moving fresh fish from the fishing docks to our facility and then to you with speed and temperature control.

  • Sustainability of our global fisheries depends upon the success of the environmentally conscious commercial fishermen and their responsibly managed fisheries. Fisher-people are the grass-roots force of the next environmental revolution on the high seas and their voice will be heard.

  • A greater partnership between the environmental groups focusing on sustainable fishing and the commercial fisher-people themselves is evermore so trending inward to tackle to most pressing of sustainability concerns.

Salmon seiner harvesting kings in Southeast Alaska

Our local port is in Seattle, WA at the Fisherman’s Terminal. Most of the boats will leave from ports like this, between Southern Oregon and Alaska, in early Summer, to fish for salmon in Southeast Alaska. The catch will be sent to primary processors in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Sitka, Craig, or Juneau and then expedited down to us in Seattle to fillet and portion for your order.

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