• Halibut Cheeks (fresh, wild) by the pound
  • Halibut Cheeks (fresh, wild) by the pound

Halibut Cheeks (fresh, wild) by the pound

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Product Description

  • Taste: mild, slightly sweet
  • Texture: delicate yet firm, tender muscle fiber
  • Pack Size: by the pound
  • Origin: USA – Alaska
  • Seasonality: March through November
  • Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative - Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
  • Recommended Preparation: sauté, grill, bake
  • Nutritional Info (serving size 1/2 pound)  Calories 295, Fat 7g, Cholesterol 93mg, Sodium 155mg, Carbohydrates 0g, Fiber, 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 50g, Calcium 115mg, Iron 1mg, Potassium 1090mg, Vitamin A 365 IU, Vitamin D 0mcg, Omega 3's 1530mg
Fresh Alaskan Halibut Cheeks are cut from the fleshy, boneless cheek muscle of the Halibut. Our fresh cheeks are disc-shaped and average three inches in diameter, however there can be quite a bit of variation depending upon the size of the fish. They are mild, tender, delicate, and somewhat sweeter than the Halibut Fillet. The texture can best be described as a combination of a sea scallop and crabmeat. They are highly sought after and are a true ocean delicacy.